Tuesday, January 13, 2009

"My Way" Feature

I feel very honored that my friend (when will we actually met, Dhru??) asked me to be this week's "My Way" feature blogger of the week. Dhrumil has two sites that I am a member of ,
www.welikeitraw.com and www.giveittomeraw.com If you don't know what's up with Dhru, get your learn on! He is very knowledgeable, kind, spiritual, socially conscious, and pretty darn adorable. His sites are a wealth of knowledge and have been pivotal on my journey towards moving more and more into raw foods. I am planning on having a whole blog post devoted towards how my journey started, why I am moving towards raw, and my insights thus far. I would also like to give a BIG UPS to Mike Lieberman for being my instant NYC friend and giving me a great raw experience in East Village. It is not very often that you meet someone like Mike who is so giving of time and energy and is mad knowledgeable about his city and how to be a responsible citizen.  Are all the adorable men raw these days?? Maybe!!

Check out my raw food adventures and some NYC highlights on the following link:

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