Friday, January 16, 2009

Simple Things I LOVE!!

It is Friday and I'm feeling light. I'm on my lunch break, chomping on a cucumber and guacamole. So good- seriously, if you are not hip to this combo, put away those tortilla chips and give yourself some extra green love! The sun is shining, it is the perfect temp outside, I have already had the chance to run and do yoga with my kids. Life is pretty sweet. Yes, it has been a bit of a difficult week and the soul searching has begun. But that doesn't mean I have to stop living or spend every moment in deep contemplation. I have a lot of work in front of me this weekend, but I also want to remember that life is full of simple pleasures. To make myself remember just how sweet it is and maybe stir your soul a bit to relish in the little wonders, I thought I'd make a list of simple things I LOVE...and most are free:

1) A good, long hug. I love good huggers that hold just long enough and tight enough that you really get the love.
2) A really good kiss. Ok, what's on my mind!!? But seriously, a kiss that is full of passion and excitement and that "I just can't get enough of you!!" feeling rocks me and is FREE!!!!!
3) Writing. I love to write. Good for the soul.
4) Sweaty yoga. The more I sweat the better. Yoga is my life line to all things sweet.
5) A good conversation. Oh, when someone inspires me or makes me laugh, wow!
6) Which reminds me..a good, "my belly hurts" laugh. You can not buy or plan that one!
7) CHOCOLATE!!! I love chocolate and raw eating has taught me what real chocolate is all about.
8) Lying in my bed on a Saturday morning knowing that I can be lazy for a bit longer is such a treasure!
9) Walking on the beach. My favorite beaches to walk are still in Florida..
10) A good cry. Sometimes, it feels so sweet to release.
11) Sunset....we have some great sunsets here in SoCal.
12) A great glass of wine with great company.
13) Brunch...especially on Sundays.
14) Meeting a man who gives me butterflies.
15) When that man calls and asks me out...
16) When I know I really dig him....soooo great.
17) The first day I realize I am over an ex. Liberation to have a truly open heart!!
18) Meeting someone you know will be a friend for years to come.
19) Singing in my car, shower, or apartment. I am my own concert. Dancing may consume!
20) Watching a favorite movie for like the 100th time but doing so because it comforts me like a warm sweater.

21) Riding my bike. Fun and makes me feel like a kid again.
22) Getting my hands on a new CD and loving it soo much that I wear it out. I  still love reading the lyrics, the credits, and checking the photos.
23) Creating playlists. I am into soundtracking my life and music is my ultimate journal. It can bring me back to about any moment in my life.
24) A hug from one of my students. Warms my heart.
25) Teaching yoga to my kids. To pass on concepts of love, compassion, patience, balance, and heart opening exercises is a gift in and of itself.
26) Visiting a new city.
27) Shopping with my sisters. Really, I could buy nothing but no one makes me feel more beautiful or is more fun than those ladies. Think dress-up for women.
28) The perfect lipgloss.
29) Food shopping. I love this. I love picking out amazing food, pure, whole foods that will nourish me.
30) Preparing it. Even if it is just for me, such self-love,
31) When someone buys me flowers, my heart melts.
32) When my students have that "aha!" moment, my life is brighter.
33) The warm easy company of a friend you know so well, you don't even need to say a word.
34) Karaoke. I will never get sick of singing "Baby Got Back" or "Push It".
35) Getting a cute, thoughtful text from the guy I'm crushing. Crushes me. Better yet, a call.
36) Long dinners and long lunches with great company.
37) Being in my PJ's relaxing with my family. Love it!
38) A great book that is so wonderful I want to go home to it instead of going out.
39) Dancing all night to the sound of a DJ who knows what the real ish is!
40) Green juice in large amounts.
41) Smoothies!!! Green ones especially.
42) When I hear a song I haven't heard in years comes!
43) Getting ready to go out...the beautiful experience.
44) Knowing I made someone's day a bit brighter.
45) A good, strong run. 
46) Lying in the warm sun. I love the beach like no one's business!
47) A moment of silence followed by a deep breath.
48) When my dad sends me a text, I smile. He is so cute!
49) A great quote that sticks in my mind and warms the soul.
50) A warm a cold wind any day.
51) The first time I lay eyes on new surroundings.
52) Watching my beloved sleep and be peaceful...can't wait to have a new beloved to watch!
53) Waking up next to that same beloved be continued! Oh..and falling asleep by his side....the best!!
54) When something tastes so good you have a religious experience.
55) Believing in myself.
56) The perfect outfit at the perfect price.
57) Dogs. I love dogs. I love people who love dogs.
58) Driving in my car with great music going and no pressure of time.
59) Portuguese - I like hearing it, especially from the lips of a Brasilian man. Yum.
60) Vacations.
61) Fridays.
62) Getting my eyebrows threaded. I like the clean feeling. I like the look.
63) The first moment I see an old friend or family member after a period of absence. A piece of my heart returns.
64) Watching "Sex and the City" episodes AGAIN. It is a sick obsession that I don't apologize for.
65) A fresh bag of Corn Chips from Leaf.
66) I like comments on my Facebook and Give It To Me Raw pages. As long as they are nice.

67) Emails written with sincerity.
68) People. I really like people. Good, kind, loving people. I know a lot of them. I am blessed.
69) My siblings...they are my past, present, future.
70) Planning an adventure!
71) The present moment.
72) Getting older and wiser. I dig my birthday.
73) Knowing that even though my heart has been broken in the past, this only means that the best love of my life is on his way.  No mistakes, just learning.
74) Naps. Love naps with warm blankets.
75) Smelling my love's scent on my pillow. (Again, I'm trying to manifest!!)
76) Going to Marina's house for random fun, good talks, dance party, and raw food exchanges. She is my second home.
77) Trying a new raw recipe and having it come out super yummy!
78) Indian Food...I think I will always love this cooked food luxury.
79) Watching a great movie that moves me soo much I have to call someone and tell them something meaningful.
80) Serendipitous encounters.
81) The first time someone I love tells me they love me and me having the openness to say it back.
82) Being free from my car...a subway ride, a walk, a bike ride. Just to know I can get around without it.
83) The smell of clean laundry. Special emphasis on clean sheets.
84) When my apartment is totally clean and organized. This usually happens only with the help of good music. I like to just sit there and bask in the cleanness. 
85) Warm ocean water to accompany the perfect tan. The sound of the waves is also a treasure. So soothing.
86) Thoughtful gifts. It is not about the cost. It could be a homemade card, a CD, a picture in the mail. Just knowing that the person made it or saw it and thought of me is what makes it special.
87) Pictures. I love them. I am addicted.
88) Finding old letters.
89) Reading old journals.
90) Making a list of my goals.
91) Hot Cacao Almond Milk.
92) A juicy, ripe mango in the middle of summer.
93) Hiking in the middle of some beautiful piece of nature.
94) Star gazing. It reminds me of the infinite possibilities and not to over-think things. It also makes me feel a sense of awe.
95) Sand between my toes, grass underneath my feet, sunshine on my face.
96) Moments where I see so much beauty in the world that I feel my heart expand.
97) Holding hands with someone special. Intimate.
98) Eye contact with someone with warm eyes. Melts me.
99) A hot, long shower. Every once in awhile, you have to let the water run a little bit longer and enjoy it.
100) I love it when someone plays with my hair...especially when it is someone I dig!
101) And Q-tips. I know it's bad but it feels so good!!
102) Lying under the shade of a gorgeous tree, with branches long and deep roots. And if by some chance there is Jasmine in the air, perfect.
103) Loving another. It means I have kept my heart open and no matter what the risk, love is a pleasure unlike any other in all its forms.

I will admit, I finished this list after the lunch was over. The truth is that there were so many more things to include than I had originally thought. I HAD to finish at home. And  I probably could go on a lot longer, which is so good to know. No matter what happens, it is so comforting to know that these pleasures exist for me, maybe not everyday or everywhere. But they are there for me.  What pleasure lies in living, what comfort lies in gratitude, what happiness lies in simplicity.
Love and Light to you!!


  1. I love this. I am so with you on so many of these. Especially with manifesting that special someone. Keep up the green love girl!

  2. Who is this Marina character? I want to go to HER house!